Geo-target your shorted links

BeifongDK Published on November 17, 2020

Direct your international visitors with geo-targeting links

Sometimes you want as few links as possible to serve as many different geological areas as possible.

A good example of such is Amazon affiliate website. If your website is in English, chances are you get visitors from all around the world. That in itself is awesome, however when it comes to Amazon, and I would recon other large retailers who offers affiliate programs, they don't always accept everyone from anywhere. In the case of Amazon, you got for the American market, large parts of Europe is covered by or Chances are there's more localized retails of the Amazon branch.

In those cases you can opt to display a new link for every single localized website. Or you could put it all behind a geo-targeting link.

It's really simple. I made an example link to try it with. Visit The link goes to a random video I found with a guy unboxing, speed testing and installing a Starlink. Very excisting, I know!

Setting up geo-targeting on your links

Setting it up is super simple. First things first, you need to register an account. It's free, doesn't require activation, so go for it!

Then click the Advanced Options button and under Geotargeting simply click 'Add more locations'. Each location is a country. Any country that is not specified there will get the original link you shorten.

It's really that simple!

Caveat with Amazon affiliate links

A really important note to make is that you can not hide or spoof or in any way conceil what an Amazon affiliate link goes to. So when you shorten those links, be sure to make the custom alias something that tells it's an Amazon link, and you might want to note the product too. So something like /amazon-gamerchair.

Alright, so where does the other links go? A certain song and a collection of some silly cartoons that was crazy popular in the early 2000s by TomSka. Enjoy!