Abutt or about - a matter of dialect

A rather unconventional title and intro to an 'about' page, but given the entire nature and name of the site, does it come as a surprise at this point?

Butt-Link is arguably the most questionable linkshortening service right now, as it's frankly just silly. But why is it? Not silly, but rather a thing.

I could write pages up and down, but I'm going to short it. That is the general purpose of the website, after all.

August 8th, a chap on a Discord server asked for a song that was linked long, long ago. No amount of memory-drigging or searching was fruitful until finally hours later he found it. The following is going to be explained with screenshots. Pictures or it never happened, right?

First screenshot of why the site came to be

Second screenshot of what led to butt link

Third and final screenshot of why this site is a thing

So in a nutshell...

This site and everything about it is a result of terribly childish humor, which is great! Especially to lighten up the lack of other things to do with Covid-19 running rampage, forcing people to stay home and be bored.

Now, is it popular as Downcomer suggests? Not yet, as of writing this anyway. But in the future? Perhaps. You could help out and shorten a link, share it to your friends, make the question whether or not they dare press it based on the name.

Have a laugh.

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